Creating an Effective Blog Post Outline

You have the next topic for your blog post in hand. However, much to your dismay, you find yourself staring at the computer screen, extremely confused and agitated at where to start. Well, if you consider yourself the only person going through this, you’re mistaken! Writers of all types go through this problem on a daily basis. The best way out of it? Have a seamless blog post outline that will help you proceed with ease.

Let’s take a look at a few basic steps to follow while crafting the outline for your blog:


Every blog you write must have a specified goal. Understanding which of your past blog topics have been successful, who is likely to engage with the topic, and knowing your audience through reviews can help you figure it out.

Target Audience

Writing a blog without figuring out your target audience can prove to be futile if it doesn’t resonate with your audience.

Introduction and Conclusion

With your ideas in place, it is now time to convince your readers that your blog is worth reading. You need to create an effective and concise intro that will immediately capture your reader’s attention.

Similarly, an effective conclusion is one that is seamless and thoughtfully ties back to the introduction. Make sure that you provide a sense of completion to your readers.

Jot it Down

As you dive into the finer details, your outline begins acting like a brain dump structured to give you guidance as you begin the post. Jot down everything you want to convey to your readers. Keep only the things that are relevant while omitting the ones that do not suit your goal or audience.


By now, you’re basically done with the outline. However, before you begin writing the actual blog, sit back to edit and finalize your outline. Organize your blog with bullets/headers and create a guide that is easy to follow when you sit down to write the first draft.

An outline acts as a compass, helping you reach your destination of writing the perfect blog. 

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