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Your SansBull Membership provides you access to our core features and platform to power your team. These features ensure that your experience (whether you choose one feature or all) is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Team Director

Your Team Director is your point person for any and all issues related to your account. They handle everything from managing billing and upgrades to ensuring that your various team members and services are working to meet your needs. As they get to know you and your company better, they will proactively handle tasks and provide your assigned teams with feedback before work is ever submitted to you.


Your dashboard is the central location from where you access all your services. You can access your files, see all your requests and tasks, check your notifications for updates from your teams, and even chat with each of your teams and Team Director.

Digital File Cabinet

All of your files are stored in a central, secure location so that you always have access to the files we provide and don't have to worry about searching through emails or asking us for another copy. See them all on your dashboard or view individual folders right on the relevant pages.

White Label Emails

We offer white label emails to each and every customer to make sure we're always a part of our customer's company. We'll set up custom emails on your domain so that all incoming and outgoing emails from SansBull are branded with your company information. (Ex. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

Included With Every Team

We're currently waiving the membership fee for every customer!


  • Team Director
  • Digital File Cabinet
  • White Label Emails
  • LastPass Account
Limited Time

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer below, please use the chat feature or send us an email.

All teams include the base membership! This allows us to offer competitive features that make your experience with SansBull standout from the rest. Even if you purchase just one service, we provide all the features of the membership!

LastPass is a password management tool that lets us securely access any website or account on your behalf. This allows us to perform services without you sharing sensitive information with us. It also allows you to update or delete information as your company changes.

Next year, the price will go up to $100. We're working on rolling out a whole suite of services for all members and will charge more for the membership as the features get rolled out. However, you will be grandfathered into the free membership for as long as you remain a member with SansBull and still get access to all the new features!

Yup! We don't require any long-term contracts. You pay for a month at a time and can pause or cancel your membership (along with any other features you add) at any time. 

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